National Museum American Art

Crosscurrents: Modern Art from the Sam Rose and Julie Walters Collection

Copublished with D Giles Ltd.
232 pp.: Ill.
ISBN: 978-1-907804-80-9

Hardcover, $54.95

Softcover, $39.95

In eighty-eight striking paintings and sculptures, Crosscurrents captures modernism as it moved from early abstractions by O’Keeffe, to Picasso and Pollock in midcentury, to pop riffs on contemporary culture by Roy Lichtenstein, Wayne Thiebaud, and Tom Wesselmann-all illustrating the complexity and energy of a distinctly American modernism.

An introductory essay by Virginia Mecklenburg sketches the exchanges that quickened this artistic transformation. Each work is superbly illustrated and discussed within the context of the artist’s career and concerns. These insightful explorations of thirty-three inventive artists illuminate the wider arc of modernism.

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Are the national gallery of art and the american art museum in dc the same building

No. The National gallery of art is located at 4th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia, while the American Art Museum is located at 8th & F Streets NW, D.C.

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