American Museum of Natural History Directions

Image001The American Museum of Natural History has an awesome new app, which offers turn by turn directions to exhibits, customizable museum tours and exhibit information in the 500, 000 sq foot facility.

The Explorer, an app for iPhones and iPod Touches which uses over 300 Wi-Fi hotspots to triangulate your position inside the museum—a feat of "indoor GPS" the museum claims is the first of its kind takes the quesswork out of finding the particular piece of history or exhibit you're looking for.

The Explorer will guide you on preplanned tours or select from a list of exhibits and specimens to plot your own route through the museum. There's an interactive fossil treasure hunt for youngsters, social media integration for updating your Twitter and Facebook friends about your day at the museum, and instant directions to the nearest restroom. The app, which was developed by Spotlight Mobile, funded by Bloomberg, and runs on a Wi-Fi network implemented by Cisco and Accenture, has a slick visual design...

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